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Ambassade Hotel

Een betoverend hotel als geen ander aan de mooiste gracht van Amsterdam — Food, Drinks & Sleep

in a nutshell...

The Ambassade Hotel situated at the Herengracht: Amsterdam\‘s most beautiful canal

Prepare to be utterly enchanted: The Ambassade Hotel offers you a waterfront vantage point from which to immerse yourself in the wonderful atmosphere of Amsterdam’s canals. Relish the charm and comfort of an extraordinary private hotel in the heart of one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

You dream… You wake up… The dream continues

Whether you’re in Amsterdam on business or pleasure, at the Ambassade Hotel you’ll feel at home in this city from the word go. The rooms welcome you with their unique atmosphere; most offer you an exclusive view of the waterways. The hotel has a total of 58 elegant rooms, including ten deluxe rooms, ten superior rooms, seven suites and an apartment.

Travelers Choice 2014 TripAdvisor

Business success has a long tradition in Amsterdam

Why do meeting rooms always have to be cool and grey? They don’t, when you’re meeting your business partners at the Ambassade Hotel. Our hotel offers you prestigious conference rooms in a stylish ambience. Be inspired by the spirit of the Golden Age, in which the foundations of global world trade were laid.

Inspired by literature and art

The Ambassade Hotel holds a special appeal for authors and artists. Could it be that its stimulating atmosphere is enriched by the dreams of the thinkers and creative artists from all around the world who stay here? Guest cannot fail to be inspired by the unique house library and the numerous pictures and objects you encounter everywhere in the hotel, all chosen for their artistic appeal.