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originele kralen en sieraden — Accessories & Jewellery

in a nutshell...

Beadies Amsterdam started off as a specialist shop for beads. Soon afterwards the hand-made jewellery-collection of the Beadies Amsterdam label also became a huge success.

Apart from beads and jewels Beadies also offers a wide range of bags, belts, scarves, watches, cuff links and other fashion accessories.

Meanwhile Beadies has been around for 12 years now and it has grown into the nicest bead shop in the Netherlands with a wide variety of beads and related articles.

And we keep scouring all parts of the world for the most beautiful and newest beads and gadgets. You can have your design made and collect it the very same day. This way you can always wear a jewel that fits your latest outfit perfectly.

Besides, we have a large wooden worktable in the back of our shop; here we offer anyone who wishes to do so an opportunity of putting together jewellery of their own design. All the equipment and materials necessary (such as materials for threading/lacing and all types of tools) are available to you. Unfortunately, we cannot offer you this service on Saturdays since it is far too busy in our shop on those days.

Together with the Blond Amsterdam label, Beadies created a collection of jewellery, which was launched under the name of Bling Bling Blond by Beadies. This collection consists of earrings,bracelets and necklaces and is exclusively available at Beadies and Blond Amsterdam.

Too busy to visit one of our shops? The greater part of our collection can be ordered via our webshop and will be delivered to your home address. Have lots of fun while shopping and see you next time!

See you at Huidenstraat 6 in the 9 little streets!