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vintage lighting — Home & Lifestyle

in a nutshell...

*about 360volt*

For ten years and counting 360volt is restoring and refurbishing old light fixtures and special light objects for national and international companies.

360volt Amsterdam Gallery is located on the Prinsengracht, one of the most beautiful canals of Amsterdam, in the celebrated shopping area De 9 Straatjes (‘the 9 streets’). Hilde de Lange and Emile de Cock, owners and founders of 360volt, are graphic and industrial designers by vocation. They both love industrial design for its clean lines, simple shapes and sustainable materials. They created their design studio 360volt in 2006, and now are the proud owners of one of the largest collections of original vintage industrial lamps and other specialist objects.

The models are sourced from many different regions worldwide and for the most part originate from the early 20th century. The collection includes timeless design classics from the Bauhaus period in the 1930s. The lamps at 360volt are special because all lamps are restored while retaining their authentic look. The character and history of the lamp is kept intact. This gives each lamp its own bold, individual and authentic character. It goes without saying that the lamps have been brought up to date to modern standards: they are now suitable for E27 light bulbs and new lamps such as LED lights and energy saving light bulbs.

360volt has collaborated with various international interior designers on projects ranging from Levi's, Lee, Denham the Jeanmaker, Only to Diesel, and for diverse hotels, theatres and restaurants: Conservatorium Hotel Restaurant Tunes, Amsterdam, De Balie theatre in Amsterdam, Monsieur Truffe Chocolate factory in Melbourne, Australia, and the Town Hall Hotel in London. 360volt has delivered projects to satisfied clients all over the world.

Open by appointment | 360volt.com