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Thursday 4 July 2024

Route & opening times! Also open on sundays!

De 9 Straatjes stands for 3×3 cozy shoppingstreets and 4 canals. In the middle of the Unesco World Heritage Canal Belt. Packed with dozens wonderful monuments and canal palaces. Just a minute behind the Palace on Dam Square and between Westertoren en Leidsegracht. A delightful neighborhood brimming with over 250 shops, eateries, hotels, museums and a vibrant historical ambience. See you soon!

Up to 250 shops, restaurants, gallery’s, lunchrooms, famous hotels and icons as photography museum Huis Marseille, The Canalmuseum and Culturehouse Felix Meritis. All in a historical and world heritage setting.

The 9 Streets area forms the heart between Dam Square, Spui, Leidsegracht and Westertoren. It’s all around Wolvenstraat. And: on the way from Anne Frank to Rijksmuseum.

The area offers not only hundreds of unique shops and eateries but also a complete overview of all the building styles of the old city center of Amsterdam. Most buildings date back to the 17th century, from wonderful canal houses to small, monumental shops. Along the canals you will also find some of the finest hotels in Amsterdam.

Even after 400 years the neighborhood it is still very lively with artisanal businesses, charming bars and restaurants and galleries and a unique offer of specialized and mostly authentic shops. From mishmash to chic and from ethnic to antique, vintage and contemporary. A must if you want to hang out where the locals do, according to Thomas Cook TM.

Looking for a public transport stop close to De 9 Straatjes? Try Dam Square, Spui, Elandsgracht or Leidseplein. Walk into the canal belt and look for Wolvenstraat, Hartenstraat, Huidenstraat. There you are in the middle of the 9 little streets.

Most shops are open every day from about 10 or 11 till 6 or 7. And every sunday from 12 o’clock.

Looking for information about a specific shop, restaurant, lunchroom or hotel? Use the search button or go to shops+ in the header and scroll through everything De 9 Straatjes has to offer. Or shop online and klick on Webshops.

The funny thing is that few people – even the locals – know the different names of the 9 streets. More than once you will hear: “I have bought something really nice!” “Oh where?” “Uh, somewhere in De 9 Straatjes.”

‘Easily Amsterdam’s best shopping hub; a charming mixture of designer boutiques, vintage clothing stores, gift shops and paces to eat and drink.’ (The New York Times)

See you soon at De 9 Straatjes, The nine (little) streets Amsterdam.