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Tuesday 22 November 2022

Vintage Heaven

Whether you want to shop vintage, get unique designer pieces, or scope out antique furniture, the Nine Streets has it all.

Bij Ons Vintage

In Reestraat between Prinsengracht en Keizersgracht. Bij ons means: with us. So vintage clothes, from coats and hats to shoes and bags.

Laura Dols

Located in Wolvenstraat 7, this shop is a spacious venue that offers racks of colourful clothing  and unusual accessories. If you are looking for funky party dresses and exciting pieces for a special occasion, this is the place to go.


This place is famous for its vintage-feel interior and its recreated and refreshed assortment of 80′s clothing, Levi’s 501′s, vintage pumps and retro outfits. Lovers of jeans, special design shirts and shoes should drop by the store on Huidenstraat 7.


This second hand store is known for its notable collection of men’s and women’s clothes and it is mostly visited by a young and trend-aware clientele. The shop is located in two locations in Amsterdam with one on Berenstraat 1 having a more unique vintage feel.

L’etoile de Saint Honoré

A vintage store with a great collection of authentic, secondhand designer bags. Chanel – Gucci – Hermès – Prada – Celine and many more… L’ Etoile de Saint Honoré has a passion for luxury handbags that tell a unique story!