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Wednesday 30 March 2022

NY Times about De 9 Straatjes: Amsterdam’s best…..

What The New York Times thinks about De 9 Straatjes, the 9 little streets? ‘Easily Amsterdam’s best shopping hub; a charming mixture of designer boutiques, art galleries, vintage clothing stores, gift shops and places to eat and drink.’

De Doffer in the Runstraat is probably the only diner/cafe in Amsterdam that consists of two adjacent businesses: a day- and a night business. When most bars close, one part of De Doffer starts to flourish. That bar is also called: last stop before you drop. If you feel like having a good philosophical conversation with your drinking buddies, this unpretentious café is the place to start and end your night, offering a warm atmosphere, cosy setting and friendly bartenders. De Doffer also offers a tasty bite: especially the daily specials, the Doffersalad and sate are very popular. This meeting place forms the perfect base for people who have stories to share and for tourists from many countries. This is a café where every-one feels right at home.

Also located on the Runstreet is the best cheese store in Amsterdam: DE KAASKAMER. This shop is quite small and yet completely packed with a variation of hundred different kind of cheeses. Including a few rarities found by the owners and of course lots and lots of Dutch cheeses. All prepared according to ancient traditional cheese-making methods. Don’t worry about the old transportation problem, the De Kaaskamer’s trademark travel packaging is safe enough: the cheese will stay fresh and your fellow-travellers will not be irritated by the aroma of this edible travel souvenir.

On the Reestraat you will find a shop with two concepts wrapped in one location. Pontifex sells candles and yet is also home to Amsterdam’s puppet doctor. You will find candles in all sizes and colors for any occasion, including weddings, parties, and ‘spiritual affairs’. Allegedly, certain candles burned at certain times by certain people in a certain fashion, can accomplish such varied tasks as making someone fall in or out of love, cure depression, or drive away spirits. The store also carries an extensive collection of homemade essential oils, ointments and incense. In the same store you will find yourself wandering amidst an amazing collection of antique dolls, Jesus- and Maria statues, teddy bears, and Buddha figures. This is the domain of Mr. Kramer, a puppet doctor who has over 25 years of experience in nursing old-fashioned dolls and teddy bears back to health. His work place is in the store.

Waxwell Records in Gasthuismolen sells, used as well as new, vinyl records for DJ’s, record collectors and music enthusiasts. Waxwell specializes in Amsterdam’s most diverse and unique selection of Soul, Jazz, Disco, Rock and Pop records.

In the Wolvenstraat Laura Dols stands for glamorous vintage. With period clothes from the 50’s till 70’s and 80’s. From sensational evening dresses and elegant dinner jackets till special jeans, coats and…. Everything to make a complete ensemble with glamorous accessories, including vintage jewellery, beaded evening bags, corsages and shoes. Laura Dols is a real hotspot for well known stylists. You also will find at Wolvenstraat 9 a vintage linen section and an Aladdin’s cave for children’s dressing up clothes.

In Hartenstraat The Gamekeeper offers a wide variety of all kind of games. A store full of surprises that fits in perfectly with the refreshing atmosphere of the nine streets, which is full of unique and original stores.

In short: the nine little streets, just behind the Palace on Damsquare, run on both sides of the Herengracht, Keizersgracht and Prinsengracht. Linked by postcard-pretty little bridges, the first floor of practically any building is occupied by a shop or a café. One will find everything here, from special books, antiques and vintage clothes to the best of Belgian design, cosmetics, trendsetting fashion and unique jewellery and homedesign. The nine streets is also Amsterdam’s hot spot area for eateries, bars and…