Monday 26 March 2018

Cosy shopping at 9 little streets. Also open at eastern!

De 9 Straatjes stands for nine cosy and picturesque shopping streets. In the middle of the World Heritage Canal Belt. Just a few steps behind the Palace on Dam Square. Between Singel, Herengracht, Keizersgracht en Prinsengracht.
This delightful neighborhood is brimming with unique shops, charming eateries and great ambience. Anyone spending an afternoon here is sure to take home unexpected finds.

The 9 Streets connect the four main canals between Raadhuisstraat en Leidsegracht. So close to the Westertoren and on the way from Anne Frank to Rijksmuseum.

The six bigger streets (Reestraat, Hartenstraat, Berenstraat, Wolvenstraat, Runstraat and Huidenstraat) refer to the trade in animal skins for the leather industry.
They offer a complete overview of all the building styles of the old city center of Amsterdam. Most buildings date back to the 17th century and are small, monumental shops.

Even after 400 years it is still very lively with artisanal businesses, charming bars and restaurants and galleries and a unique offer of specialized and mostly authentic shops. From mishmash to chic, from ethnic to old Dutch, from doll doctor and Spectacles museum to naughty lingerie and bags ‘con amore’. And from old to new, or better said: from antique and vintage to contemporary.

Reestraat – with antique splendor, lamps from some time ago, exclusive jewelry, Asian art, what’s cooking, modern art, candles and incense, everything made of paper, remarkable fashion, handbags, boots and shoes and the most ‘intelligent’ gift shop just around the corner.

Hartenstraat – with exclusive, authentic and vintage fashion, designer shoes, handbags and jewelry, porcelain and crystal, street wear, fun and special games, silk fabrics, apparel, ‘everything included’, books and…

Gasthuismolensteeg – with jewelry and accessories, baroque and theater clothing, old and new vinyl, art house DVD’s, spectacles with character, slippers, a Mexican atelier, a spectacles museum and…

Oude Spiegelstraat – with leather and interior, Swedish high-end fashion, Car2Go, diamonds along the canal and of course: literature travel books.

Wolvenstraat – with distinctive underwear, vintage evening dresses, ‘proud’ jeans, second hand clothing, art, remarkable fashion and tasty coffee and tea.

Berenstraat – with old and new fashion, naughty lingerie, creative books, god shoes, a paradise of dresses, rings, pancakes, coffee, lunch, an evening store and Dutch cuisine.

Wijde Heisteeg – with a blacksmith, a deli, stencils and engraving, the latest fashion and a hairdresser.

Huidenstraat – with beads, much-talked about second hand things, gifts from South Africa, unique clothing from everywhere, art deco, swim wear, sport shoes and nostalgia.

Runstraat – with outstanding t-shirts, the hippest store for youngsters, the whitest teeth, socks, cheese, fashion, cosmetics, shoes, belts, bags, wine, floors, bed stuff, table linen, flowers, home couture, glass jewelry, oriental lighting, curiosities and more…

In short: who goes to De 9 Straatjes, will definitely buy something special and different, whether it is old or new. The funny thing is that few people – even the people from Amsterdam – know the difference between the streets. More than once you will hear: “I have bought something really nice!” “Oh where?” “Uh, somewhere in De 9 Straatjes.”