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Monday 15 May 2023

3 Icons at Herengracht & Keizersgracht in De 9 Straatjes of Amsterdam

From Museum for Photography and Museum of the Canals to House of Culture Felix Meritis….

HUIS MARSEILLE – Museum for Photography – Keizersgracht 401 & 399

Huis Marseille is Amsterdam’s first photography museum. It offers a rich and varied exhibition program that changes four times a year. The exhibitions are shown in two seventeenth-century canal houses in which many original details are intact, such as opulent ceiling paintings, stucco work, marble, and a red period room in the style of Louis XIV.

Except the exhibitions and the own collection of leading modern photography the museum offers a library, a specialized photo book shop, and a tranquil canal garden which are all open to visitors.
Huis Marseille chooses photography which focuses on a specific visual language and is characterized by a passionate spirit of inquiry, as part of an ongoing investigation into avant-garde innovation.

FELIX MERITIS – Keizersgracht 324

The icon is back: Felix Meritis ‘Home of the Curious Mind’. A place for our future leaders, ambitious professionals, and decision makers from all layers of society. It offers a wide range of inspiring events, covering topics on entrepreneurship, technology, science, and art. And venues for conferences, indoor festivals, dinners, galas.

Felix Meritis was founded in 1777 as a society of entrepreneurs, scientists, artists and philosophers. This phenomenal venue has seven event spaces with the Concertzaal at the core, where for instance Mozart and Brahms played. Another well-known classic is the Shaffyzaal, named after Dutch singer and actor Ramses Shaffy, whose theatre company was based in Felix Meritis in the ’60s and ’70s. Now a days this special location offers an authentic, monumental mansion with the best facilities.

MUSEUM OF THE CANALS – Herengracht 386
The canals of Amsterdam constitute the heart of the city and have a layered and fascination history. You can explore exciting stories in the permanent multimedia exhibition at Museum of the Canals at Herengracht. How did Amsterdam transform from a small fishing port into a metropolis?

Adventure into Amsterdam’s past and present through exploring the history of the city’s canals. Start your journey of discovery as you travel back 400 years at the Museum of the Canals. Their multimedia exhibition illustrates the evolution of Amsterdam through the lens of its canals, which have been and continue to be central to the movement of the city and its inhabitants. The Museum of the Canals is located in a 17th century canal house with classical period rooms at the Herengracht.