Friday 4 November 2011

Three times books in De 9 Straatjes

JOOT – Just Out Of Time on Hartenstraat 15

In the past ten years, JOOT Books has become one of the best antiquarian and second hand bookstores in Amsterdam. This ‘antiquarian bookstore plus’ is a very accessible and modern store where you will find anything on philosophy, architecture, art, politics and prose and poetry, of course. People keep coming back for the large collection of photography books. In total, there are about 30.000 books in the store, half of which is also available online ( JOOT also has some art pieces on the walls, which are for sale.

Where the name JOOT comes from? In economics ‘just in time’ means that the stock is held for a short period of time and has to be sold as quickly as possible. For an antiquarian bookshop most of the time the opposite is valid and that’s why it became: ‘just out of time’, or JOOT.

Travel bookshop Evenaar on Singel 340 – corner with Oude Spiegelstraat
Whoever likes to know more about a foreign country heads to literary travel bookstore Evenaar. Here they not only sell the best travel stories, but also world literature, culture and history about most of the world. The pleasure is greater when you go deeper into the background of the travel destination, no matter how close by or exotic it is. At Evenaar they will help you get to your destination with the best advice you can get; also for those who like to travel the world reading, without even leaving the house.

Twice a year Evenaar organizes a reading with for instance: Koert Lindijer, Lieve Joris, Aya Zikken or Mozes Isegawa, who will tell all about the ins and outs of their books. Evenaar also organizes themed months; the last couple of months China stood in the spotlights. (NL)

MENDO on Berenstraat 11

And also MENDO is not ‘just a bookstore’. MENDO is an institution! MENDO stores a very special collection of creative books, nowhere else to be found; books on fashion, graphic design and advertising, architecture, interior, design and photography. On the shelves at MENDO you will also find books about 3D Typography. A phenomenon of this time? Not quite. In 1969 Anthon Beeke already designed the ‘Nude Girls Alphabet’. This wonderful idea has now been recycled in color and complimented with the ‘Nude Numbers’.

But not only the collection of MENDO is special. MENDO is also known for its interior, which is built with thousands of black, massive MENDO-books. This inspiring environment also serves as exhibition space and an office for graphic designers. Just a visit to this bookstore is a special experience by itself.

And if you, by any chance, do not find the book you where looking for in one of the monumental shops in De 9 Straatjes, then cross the Prinsengracht to Xantippe Unlimited: another top-notch quality bookstore.