Logo De 9 Straatjes
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  • Logo De 9 Straatjes
  • Logo De 9 Straatjes
  • Logo De 9 Straatjes
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What people say about De 9 Straatjes…

04/07/24 – “Perfect place for authentic shopping”
“Digno de pasear por ahí.”
“Κάτι που αξίζει να πας να περπατήσεις..”
“Super zum einkaufen”

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De 9 Straatjes – The 9 Streets

9 picturesque shopping alleyways in between Prinsen-, Keizers, Herengracht en Singel in the Amsterdam canal belt. In the hart of Unesco’s World Heritage, just behind Dam Square and on the way from Anne Frank to Rijksmuseum. De 9 Straatjes is the ideal neighbourhood to get to know Amsterdam in all its variety and richness. The area offers a great overview of the architectural style of Amsterdam heritage. After 400 years it is still very lively with artisanal businesses, hidden cafes, hotspot restaurants and galleries, and a unique offer of specialized and authentic shops. Dealing in fashion, shoes & bags, vintage, antiques, housewares and one-offs. It’s areas like this that really make you feel comfortable in Amsterdam, so they say!

The Canal Belt

All the world is built around Amsterdam, wrote the famous Dutch poet Joost van den Vondel in the 17th century. During that golden age the old area of the city within the Singel bursted out of its seams. So a ring of canals was designed and Amsterdam became a famous city by then. The Heren-, Keizers- en Prinsengracht did arise and were connected by side-streets. At the end of last century a few entrepreneurs started an association and gave the area the name De 9 Straatjes. The names of these nine alleyways do refer to the old skintanning industry. As Huiden-, Ree-, Beren- en Wolvenstraat stands for Skin, Dear, Bears and Wolvesstreet!

The 9 Streets In The Press

‘For that true taste of A’dam. Nine little streets that are big on personality.’ (National Geographic)

‘It’s areas like this that really make you feel comfortable in Amsterdam.’ (Lonely Planet)

‘A must if you want to hang out where the locals do.’ (Thomas Cook Travel Magazine)

‘In the mood for some retail therapy? Visit De 9 Straatjes. It is charming and delightful.’ (Vanity Fairs)

‘Easily Amsterdam’s best shopping hub; a charming mixture of designer boutiques, art galleries, vintage clothing stores, gift shops and places to eat and drink.’ (The New York Times)