Monday 12 September 2016

Museums and Attractions in and nearby the nine little streets

Museums and Attractions
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On the way from Rijksmuseum to Anne Frank stop at The 9 Streets!

From Amsterdam Art Museums, Canal boats up to History Museums

Holland has an unparalleled tradition of art painting with names of the highest magnitude as Rembrandt, Vermeer and Van Gogh and Mondrian and hundreds of wonderful artists of lesser fame but often mysterious, fascinating talents. Amsterdam museums with art exhibits are truly unique on the world’s scale. The Rijksmuseum is the one you should not miss, even if you are in Amsterdam for only one day.

Dutch people have a conscience of their history and love of their country tradition. Their Amsterdam historical museums are never dull – in a spectacular way they illustrate the intricate and rich character of the nation.

|Het Grachtenhuis |Herengracht 386|(0.2 km)| |Bijbelsmuseum|Herengracht 366-368|(0.2 km)| |Houseboat Museum|Prinsengracht tov 296|(0.2 km)| |Huis Marseille|Keizersgracht 401|(0.3 km)| |“Tassen Museum”: http://www.tassenmuseum.nl / Herengracht 573 (0.2. km)| |Royal palace|Nwz Voorburgwal 147|(0.5 km)| |Torture museum|Singel 449|(0.5 km)| |Katten kabinet|Herengracht 497|(0.6 km)| |Anne Frank House|Prinsengracht 263|(0.6 km)| |“Cromhouthuizen”: http://www.cromhouthuizen.nl/de-cromhouthuizen /Herengracht 366 / (0.0 km)

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